Here's some random docs and other stuff you might find interesting (or not).

Roland RSS-10 template for Lemur

TX-802 templates for Lemur and for the Novation Remote Zero SL


Additional Eventide SP-2016 programs and documents

Latronic Notron manual

Grex MXF8 manual

Bel 2400 User Manual

Bel 2400 Schematics (poor quality)

Bel 2400/3200 voltage changeover doc

Bel 3200 power supply (set for 120 volts)

Roland RSP 550 Owner's Manual 

Roland RSP 550 Algorithm Guide 

MPC3000 service manual (complete) 

Dynacord SRS56 schematics 

Roland SPH-323 Owner's manual 

Roland SBF-325 Owner's manual (poor quality incomplete scan) 

MIDIMini manual 


Kurzweil K250 Soundblocks A-D in full 1Mb format